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Agricultural Waste Solutions

EOS chemical processing modules provide a beneficial usage for agricultural waste. For substantial producers, EOS installation will provide electric power and a valuable chemical stream which can be sold or utilized on-site.

EOS chemical process technology takes advantage of a new class of high efficiency alkaline fuel cells that utilize primary alcohol feedstocks as the anode fuel, such as those produced via syngas or fermentation processes from agricultural waste streams.

NDCPower fuel cell process technology will not produce CO2. Process streams are aqueous alkaline solutions and operating conditions are mild with low pressures and temperatures typically less than 100ºC.

Electrochemical conversion of an alcohol feedstock using EOS chemical process technology satisfies the TARP definition for installed fuel cell systems. As such, domestic investors will be eligible for up to $3000 per kW tax credit on installed modules. With proper application of tax credits, capex requirements for EOS Process Modules are substantially lowered and investors enjoy accelerated payback at very attractive rates.

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