NDCPower has worked with the US Army's ARDEC to develop a ground-breaking new military reserve battery product. Using nitroaromatic energetic compounds, such as TNT, that are commonly used in military ordinance, NDCPower reserve batteries can deliver 600 Wh per kilogram with a peak discharge power of 60W per kilogram. We expect this reserve battery technology will have a significant impact on the mission effectiveness of warfighters by increasing the lifetime and performance of their electronics while at the same time substantially decreasing the weight of batteries they need to carry.

NDCPower reserve batteries offer:

  • Long Shelf Life
  • High Power Density (600 Wh/kg)
  • High Discharge Rates ( > 60W/kg)
  • Wide Window of Operating Conditions

NDCPower's new reserve battery technology enables a quantum leap in the capabilities of reserve batteries for military applications. Contact NDCPower for further information and monitor our site for updates.

NDCPower Reserve Battery response to a typical modern warfighter power requirement profile, including communication and video loads, for a four day mission.