Company Overview

Seattle Lab
NDCPower Catalyst Development Lab
Seattle, WA

NDCPower is a profitable, privately-held company with a focus on commercializing clean energy technologies with products in the hydrogen fuel cell market, the consumer portable power market and the military power market.

Our products offer superior technical performance and cost effectiveness in high value emerging markets. The company’s competitive advantage arises from the use of our innovative advanced materials and catalysts. This technology edge has allowed NDCPower to establish a broad and growing intellectual property portfolio to complement and secure our product lines.

NDCPower’s vision is to develop fuel cell technologies into mainstream use in a profitable manner. Drawing on our successful military fuel cell program, we have developed a business model that optimizes our unique technologies, industry expertise, and commercial flexibility.

We offer our partners cost-effective fuel cell technologies for implementation within specific global markets. For selected partners, we can significantly reduce the traditional market barriers to profitable fuel cell programs by:

For more information about our unique products and effective strategies for mitigating the technology risks inherent in entering nascent markets, please contact us.