Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells

Building on our successful catalyst development competencies, NDCPower has established excellence in chemical engineering disciplines, achieving successful design, development, and production of complete power systems which utilize our unique, cost effective catalyst systems. One of NDCPower’s most noteworthy achievements was the successful elimination of the Perm-selective membrane which has traditionally been required for fuel cell operation. The successful removal of this component has resulted in nearly an order of magnitude reduction in the fuel cell cost while simultaneously eliminating the preeminent failure mode and lifetime limiter.

The membrane-free fuel cell is also much more robust to temperature changes than traditional cells. Rather than requiring an elevated temperature, NDCPower’s fuel cells are limited only by the viscosity limits of the selected fuel.

In addition, NDCPower’s chemical engineers have developed fuel selection flexibility for NDCPower Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells. Operators may select cells which consume either Methanol, Ethanol, Ethylene Glycol, or any other primary alcohol as fuel. At a high level, an understanding of the specific energy available for primary alcohol fuels is given as follows:  

*EOS Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells operate above 50% Faradic efficiency. Power system efficiencies over 55% may qualify domestic operators for certain tax incentives.  

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