DoD awards NDCPower $2.5 million for nanotech fuel cells

LARAMIE, WYOMING, August 24, 2004 — Nanomaterials Discovery Corporation (NDCPower) announced today that it will receive $2.5 million from the Department of Defense in FY2005. NDCPower is working with the Army Material Command at Picatinny Arsenal to use nanotechnology to produce a new class of fuel cells powered by high energy materials such as propellants and explosives.

The nanotechnologies developed by NDCPower under this program will be used to produce portable power devices for soldiers and enable development of miniature power supplies for fusing and arming munitions. Also envisioned, are "self-sterilizing" smart land mines that render themselves harmless after a certain period of time. The nanotechnologies developed under the program could be used to enable the reuse of obsolete ammunition by converting its explosive components into electrical power.

"Nanotechnology is playing an increasingly important role in supporting the needs of the defense community and in driving economic growth, both nationally and regionally," stated Dr. Don Montgomery, President and CEO of NDCPower, "the Department of Defense is one of the largest customers for energy storage and delivery devices and we are delighted that Congress has elected to support this important and innovative project. NDCPower and our partners at Picatinny Arsenal are uniquely positioned to leverage this new class of nanotechnology-based fuel cells to support the needs of the DoD and to add to the high technology commercial base in the region. The entire Wyoming delegation has been visionary in their support of nanotechnology in the state. We would like to thank Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi for taking a lead role in procuring this appropriation."

The Defense Appropriations Bill for FY2005, which provides the funding was signed into law by President George W. Bush on August 5, 2004.