NDCPower Introduces EOS - a New Platinum-Free Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell Technology at 2008 Fuel Cell Expo

TOKYO, JAPAN, February 21, — NDCPower is pleased to announce EOS – a game changing new Platinum-Free high performance Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell (DEFC) technology that was introduced at the 2008 Fuel Cell Expo in Tokyo, Japan. Eliminating the platinum catalyst and greatly simplifying balance of plant requirements makes estimated manufacturing costs for EOS DEFCs a factor of ten less than competing direct liquid fuel cells.

The impressive performance benchmarks for EOS technology mirror the cost benefits. Prior to launching EOS, NDCPower accumulated DEFC lifetime data for several thousand hours. Platinum-Free EOS technology provides 40μV/hr stability at 40°C and requires NO catalyst regeneration. EOS power output is comparable to other direct liquid fuel cells. Unlike many other direct liquid fuel cells, EOS DEFCs run well at room temperature at ambient pressure.

The exceptional performance and long lifetimes of NDCPower's platinum-free EOS catalyst technology is a result of a state-of-the-art catalyst development program that takes advantage of our patented high throughput screening methods. EOS catalysts were designed to use ethanol as a fuel because ethanol offers significant safety, regulatory and cost advantages over other potential fuel candidates. EOS is highly resistant to fuel crossover and allows fuel concentrations as high as 50% at the anode.

EOS technology can be manufactured in high volume using inexpensive components that will allow OEMs to provide their customers with a revolutionary new power system while maintaining competitive margins. For more information on EOS technology, please contact us.