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Grid Independent Power Systems

EOS Advanced Alkaline DAFC Technology provides an integrated solution to off-grid electric power for defense applications. Using a strategically located gasifier, carbon-based feedstocks (coal, natural gas, solid waste, biomass, tires, etc.) can be used to produce a multipurpose mixed alcohol fuel. This fuel will be consumed on-site or placed in the logistics chain.

EOS Advanced Alkaline DAFC modules offer a superior solution to generators because they convert alcohol fuels into electric power at greater than 50% efficiency using electrochemical reactions at ambient temperatures and pressures.

EOS provides instant On/Off capability for peak power demand support.The mixed alcohol fuel satisfies a wide range of electric power applications scaling from utility electric power generation (up to several hundred megawatts) to squad level tactical electric power.

Commanders can be confident that critical equipment and infrastructure is supported by utilizing EOS Advanced Alkaline DAFCs in a distributed generation capacity. Logistics are simplified and directly controlled by utilizing a central alcohol production facility. Extended operation of EOS systems does not require re-connection to grid power whereas battery storage is discharged and requires periodic grid recharge.

EOS Squad Level Generators increase warfighter range by reducing battery weight without sacrificing capability. EOS direct alcohol fuels have high energy densities; up to 2400Wh/kg. Fuel can be produced in-theatre at a central location. Warfighters will be enabled by: