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Manage, control, and integrate your multiple sources of clean power with NDCPower's Universal I/O Power Control Module. NDCPower has created a power storage system able to combine multiple AC and DC input power sources. Taking input power from wind, solar, fuel cells, and base power, the Universal I/O Power Control Module provides a solution for continuous, reliable stored power anytime.

Model IO-04H01-B Universal Power Control Module

Home owners can now incorporate multiple clean power sources to optimize home energy usage requirements. Using our advanced power conditioning technology, the Universal I/O Power Module's adaptable input selector will combine a variety AC and DC sources and convert into one optimal and pure output signal. A graphical computer user interface provides visual access to monitor and manage power sources. Mobile applications make it easy to manage and monitor power sources while on the go.

Available in both a stand alone unit or modular rack-mountable version, the Universal I/O Power Module is adaptable to a variety of home design footprints.