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No Platinum? No Problem!

NDCPower is pleased to announce our latest breakthrough technology - the EOS Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell

The ground breaking new EOS technology has eliminated two primary barriers to widespread commercialization of direct liquid fuel cells - manufacturing cost and system size. EOS offers a unique Platinum-free catalyst technology that lasts for thousands of hours without regeneration, a vastly simplified balance of plant, and manufacturing costs that are ten times lower than competing technologies. EOS direct ethanol technology is compatible with stack architectures or planar arrays. Either pumped fuel or passive reservoir systems are easily accommodated by EOS. EOS is highly resistant to fuel crossover and ethanol concentrations up to 50% can be used directly in the fuel cell. EOS eliminates the encumbrance and parasitic load of "smart" monitoring systems and dramatically reduces the size and complexity of the fuel reservoir and fuel management balance of plant. more >>

NDCPower's 100W Pumped Fuel EOS Stack

NDCPower EOS Recharge Cartridges--cartridges shown provide power for 1, 2, and 3 complete charges for the consumer device shown