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EOS vs Conventional Fuel Cell Technology

NDCPower is pleased to announce our latest breakthrough technology - the EOS Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell

For many years, liquid fuel cells have been more of a research curiosity than a practical alternative source of power. While the promise of direct liquid fuel cells has been universally recognized, the inherent technical challenges are daunting. Many groped for solutions, with several companies recently claiming to have overcome some of these hurdles. However, closer examination reveals some sort of trade off that rendered the fuel cell system impractical or confined its use to extremely tight application bandwidths. In short, the bar to commercial profitability was never crossed...

To NDCPower , solving the technical challenge of developing a commercially viable Direct Liquid Fuel Cell technology offered the perfect opportunity to leverage our catalyst optimization platform and fuel cell expertise. We are proud to introduce EOS, our Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell Technology, that can be used across a broad spectrum of product applications in a practical and commercially viable manner. No trade-offs. Our EOS core technology provides the following benefits: