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Renewable Power Storage

Manage, control, and integrate your multiple sources of clean power with NDCPower's Universal I/O Power Control Module. NDCPower has created a power storage system able to combine multiple AC and DC input power sources. Taking input power from wind, solar, fuel cells, and base power, the Universal I/O Power Control Module provides a solution for continuous, reliable stored power anytime.

Model IO-04H01-B Universal Power Control Module

Facilities can now incorporate multiple clean power sources to optimize energy usage requirements. Using our advanced power conditioning technology, the Universal I/O Power Module's adaptable input selector will combine a variety AC and DC sources and convert into one optimal and pure output signal. A graphical computer user interface provides visual access to monitor and manage power sources.

Available in both a stand alone unit or modular rack-mountable version, the Universal I/O Power Module is adaptable to a variety of end user design footprints.