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Military Grade Ruggedized PEM Systems

NDCPower offers ruggedized versions of our commercially available PEM stacks for military applications. Both the Sequoia and Yosemite product lines are available in a military version. Power system designers can select from a conventional stack design (Sequoia) requiring the physical plant to provide humidification of the gas streams or a self-humidified stack design (Yosemite). NDCPower also offers a range of engineering services to assist customers in designing and integrating fuel cell stacks for their power applications.

The self humidified stack design has several features that offer significant benefits for military power system. These include:

Military grade fuel cell stacks offered by NDCPower are designed to meet the specialized needs of modern warfighters. For more information on how integrating NDCPower PEM stacks into your military application can provide a decisive performance advantage, please contact us at